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How to Ditch the Diet: A Balanced Eating Approach

Summer is right around the corner. Cue the dieting commercials and “summer body” programs🤦🏻‍♀️

Unfortunately, dieting is not uncommon for most women. But, when you consider the harmful implications that come along with dieting, the cons outweigh any temporary pros.

In this article you’ll learn the facts about dieting, balanced eating, food group servings, healthy foods, and healthy habits.

My Intuitive Eating Journey

Learn from my mistakes and ditch the diet. Gain food freedom by practicing intuitive eating!

How to Decide if a Health Habit is Right for You

Since I started my master’s program in nutrition I’ve been the go to food person for my friends and family. I absolutely love when people pick my brain about health and I geek out on anything nutrition related. I usually get asked questions about weight loss, how to increase energy, or my opinion on certain

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How to Label your Life Healthy

Learning how to read a food label can be a helpful tool, especially for college women. When you buy convenience food on the go, which can be high in sugar, fat, and sodium, you can use your food label knowledge to make healthier choices. The healthy choices you make today will add up over time

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