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The God Who Sees: Guest Post

Have you ever felt different or like you’re not enough because of the way you look?

Our guest writer, Jess, is a first-generation Méxicana who struggled with ethnic identity. But as she learned who God is, she began to embrace herself, as the woman God made her to be.

Transformed: Guest Post

Are you living life for the weekend? Using alcohol or drugs to escape a feeling of emptiness?

For so many young adults, it’s not uncommon to use substances or relationships instead of looking to Jesus, who can provide true joy, peace, and contentment.

Our guest writer, Amanda Earl, shares her testimony on the blog this week, speaking to her life before Christ in the party scene.

Purpose in the Pain + 5 Ways to Grow Closer to God

Turn pain into purpose by growing closer to God. Gain a new perspective on pain and why God uses pain for our greater good