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Nourish Your Body in the New Year

Healthy eating tips and everything you really need to know about protein, carbs, sugar, and fat. Skip the diet and learn how to nourish your body by living a holistic lifestyle.

2 in 1 Easy Ground Beef Recipe + Health Benefits of Beef

If I’m being real, I love beef. A juicy cheeseburger with grilled onions can do no wrong in my book. But as much as I love beef, I avoided it when I first started my health journey. Why? If you’re a girl you understand. Fat is drilled into our brains by the media as the

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Morning Routine Hack + 3 Breakfast Recipes (perfect on the go!)

Question. Would you consider yourself a night owl or morning person? Even if you despise the idea of waking up before 10am it’s still possible to set yourself up for a productive and positive day with a “morning” routine regardless of the time! Meditation is the Secret Sauce Before giving meditation a try I thought

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Diet Recovery: Learn How to Honor Your Hunger with Intuitive Eating

That meme is one of my favorites because it describes me in a nutshell. Maybe you too? I’ve always been a food lover. Never a picky eater and always down to eat. I thought obsessing about food was just part of me. But when I started to examine my past, which included dieting, the reason

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8 Ways to Eat Healthy and Stay Under Budget (guest post)

Super excited to introduce you all to my awesome friend, Shannon Smith! Shannon is a fellow food blogger who loves to cook while saving money! When you check out her blog, Foody Finance , get ready for some amazing homemade dishes with a creative spin. Thanks Shannon for this week’s post! Shannon Smith: Foody Finance So you’ve decided

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3 Easy and Sweet Pumpkin Recipes

You guys, fall is officially HEREEEE! I’m seriously so stoked about entering this new season. Every season is a time of transition but there’s something about this one that feels a little different and better than before. To kick off any season I usually purchase staple items to create some of my favorite dishes. In

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My Intuitive Eating Journey

Close to a year ago I learned about Health at Every Size (HAES) in my nutrition class. After doing some more research on the topic I came across intuitive eating. Everything about it resonated with me. It fit in perfectly with the holistic health and self-love approach I was starting to take on. After reading

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How to Decide if a Health Habit is Right for You

Since I started my master’s program in nutrition I’ve been the go to food person for my friends and family. I absolutely love when people pick my brain about health and I geek out on anything nutrition related. I usually get asked questions about weight loss, how to increase energy, or my opinion on certain

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My Honest Review of the Whole 30

Four weeks ago I made the decision to try the whole 30. You might think I’m a crazy person for cutting out added sugar and processed foods from my diet for 30 days. You might also think it’s impossible—especially with the world we live in. But it’s not. It is challenging but so worth it.

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